White Sneaker Style Guide: How To Wear White Sneakers

White Sneakers

White sneakers are timeless shoes that go with a wide range of fashion styles and clothes. They are available in several textiles, including white leather, canvas, and synthetic materials. If you’re unsure how to include this adaptable footwear into your wardrobe, keep reading to find out how to wear white sneakers (along with some creative outfit ideas).

How to Style a Couple of White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is a flexible daily shoe and stylistic tool that can be worn for any event, regardless of the occasion. Check out the following fashion advice to help you put together the finest outfits to wear with white sneakers, whether you’re wearing a pair of sporty, off-white sports trainers or a cream-colored platform tennis shoe.

Socks are a nice finishing touch

It’s crucial to wear the proper sock height for your specific shoe while wearing white socks with white sneakers, which is a traditional fashion decision. Because uncomfortably visible socks (or invisible socks) might appear a little sloppy, utilize your socks to draw attention to the ankle height of your shoe.

Consider wearing a pair of white, patterned, or bright ankle socks beneath your high-tops to keep your shins safe from any chafing material on the bottom of your shoes. Wearing a pair of no-show socks with low-top shoes can help maintain cleanliness and professionalism.

Consider a more formal appearance

White sneakers aren’t only for wearing jeans and a tee. Combine clean, white leather shoes with pleated pants, a shirt tucked in, and a black or gray jacket for the perfect look for a business meeting. If you’re wearing white sneakers with a more formal or professional suit, make sure they’re pristine, particularly if they’re made of leather or suede, to avoid seeming sloppy.

Make a monochrome statement

An extra-white pair of shoes is the ideal accent to a monochrome summer or winter ensemble in any hue. Combining a slouchy white turtleneck sweater dress with white jeans, a white duster coat, and some classic white shoes with rolled socks creates an all-white look that’s excellent for the upcoming winter season. Additionally, white shoes look fantastic with an all-pastel dress in varied, delicate pink, blue or purple tones.

Cleaning should be done regularly

Maintain the cleanliness of your white shoes at all times. Fortunately, white canvas sneakers are simple to clean by tossing them in the washing machine when they get too filthy. Make them as pristine as possible by using bleach. Spot cleaning your beloved white shoes using a solution of water, baking soda, and detergent (applied with a stiff-bristled toothbrush) is effective. Work the discoloration away with the brush in tiny circular strokes until it is completely gone. Before washing your shoes, be sure you read the care instructions that came with them.

Stick to the tried-and-true

White sneakers look great with any of your basic, all-purpose wardrobe staples, such as chunky knit turtleneck sweaters, denim jackets, quality white shirts, and leather jackets, among other things. A basic item goes well with different shoes, from white tennis shoes to running trainers to high-top canvas sneakers and everything in between.

Choose the appropriate denim

White sneakers may be worn with any style of jeans, from a dark wash to light wash, black to blue, slim to baggy, but it’s important to consider the length of your jeans and the height of your shoes’ ankles when pairing them. A pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans and a pair of high-top canvas shoes go together like peanut butter and jelly, while low-tops might shorten your shape if too much of your ankle is exposed. A loose-fitting T-shirt with stripes should be tucked into your slacks and covered with an oversized button-down shirt. On the other hand, Jean shorts look great with any shoes, from low-tops to high-tops, depending on the style.

Dress appropriately for the weather

Both summer and winter clothing may be accessorized with white sneakers or tennis shoes. If you’re wearing sneakers during the warmer months, combine them with a bright sundress or a pair of side-vented trousers. For an easy late-summer look, mix a white crew-neck T-shirt with a printed mid-length skirt and a pair of white sandals to complete the look. Dress up your white sneakers for winter by pairing them with straight-leg jeans, a bulky cardigan, and an oversize brown (or tan) peacoat. Alternatively, to keep oneself warm, complement this style with an enormous scarf or a beanie to complete the appearance.

Athleisure allows you to unwind

White sneakers will never run out of fashion, but their current return as a fashion trend may be attributed to the rise in popularity of athleisure. With this design, a blend of gym and loungewear, the emphasis is on sleek, uncluttered comfort. Forgoing about your business or hanging out with pals at the park, a comfy sweatshirt, leggings, or jogging trousers and white sports shoes are a terrific ensemble to put together.

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