The World’s Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Destinations


So, you’re a traveler who’s also a vegan. You’re surely aware of how tough that may be, given that few locations on the planet can suit your unique dietary requirements. Veganism is sweeping the globe, and the tourism industry isn’t immune. Hotels and other holiday lodgings are striving hard to fulfill the sensitive expectations of their guests.

We pay homage to venues that appreciate the value of veganism with mac-n-cheese, vegetarian BBQ, and soy/almond milk on November 1 in honor of World Vegan Day. We’ve assembled a list of the greatest vegan vacation spots from across the globe to assist you in planning your next vegan holiday.


Budapest, located in Eastern Europe, is one of those places that comes with many expectations. The abundance of plant-based meals, on the other hand, will take you off guard. Because of its inexpensive pubs, rich history, and beautiful architecture, Budapest is a favorite destination for travelers.

It’s also a hotspot for vegan cuisine, having a wide range of options. Whether you’re interested in traditional Hungarian food (often meat-heavy) or contemporary flair, you won’t go hungry here. Traditional töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage) may be found in Napfényes Étterem. You may visit a vegan pasta bar, a vegan pizza parlor, a vegan restaurant offering Hungarian specialties, and even a vegan pub in Budapest.


As a result, vegan travelers will have no trouble discovering amazing meals in even the most remote parts of Chennai. The substantial dosa, which is generally vegetarian and incredibly tasty, is one of the finest ways to start your day. The ubiquitous thali is a terrific place to start for anyone wishing to try a broad range of flavors. This economical choice comes with the best, with a tray of numerous hot curries.

Sri Lanka

Because it is a coastline nation, it is undoubtedly a seafood lover’s dream. On the other hand, Sri Lanka has lately gained popularity among vegans. Many of the country’s favorite recipes are vegetarian. Vegetable curries, rotors (bread), hoppers, string hoppers, and more.

It’s also a true cornucopia of fruits, with so many to choose from that your head will spin. For some down-home food in a market setting, go to Jeewa’s Polos. The rotis are delicious, and the bewildering selection of curries will leave your tongue burning and your stomach begging for more.


Berlin, Germany’s capital, has a slew of vegan-friendly cafés, pubs, and restaurants serving gluten-free, vegan fare. Explore the finest of organic preparations at Helmholtzplatz or Neukolln. For a nutritious dinner, get a hot cup of soup, a dish of salad and gluten-free bread, as well as spreads and smoothies. These restaurants’ diversified brunch menus focus mainly on green salads, juices, and plant-based goods. There are also vegetarian kebabs available.


If you’re searching for vegan-friendly vacation spots, don’t be shocked if a Middle Eastern location comes up. Vegans may enjoy delights created entirely of organic ingredients in Tel Aviv, Israel, a popular vacation destination. Vegan restaurants may be found in the Florentin, King George, and Dizengoff Street neighborhoods. You may choose from burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and kebabs, all produced with soy, mushrooms, and other organic ingredients. Make a point of trying the wonderful seitan shawarmas and mouthwatering stews.

New York City

The Big Apple is one of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities. Plan a fantastic vegan-friendly holiday in the New York suburbs. New York, a vegan paradise, has come a long way in recognizing the concept of veganism and is a great place to visit. Vegans living in or visiting New York enjoy vegetarian dumplings, tofu, bean curd, veggie burgers, fake meat wraps, and bubble tea, among other things. It is not only densely populated with meat-free and plant-based eateries, but many of its non-vegan eateries are also offering plant-based alternatives.


Lisbon’s burgeoning culinary culture isn’t hesitant to take chances, which is fantastic news for vegans visiting this lovely nation. Vegan choices are being added to the menus of some of the city’s greatest eateries, and new restaurants are springing up all around the city. PSI, whose world fusion vegan recipes are earning converts with every plate served, has received a lot of praise. To begin, try the vegan cheese plate to experience how delicious vegan cuisine can be.


Kyoto’s history is rooted in Buddhism, so you know there must be some fantastic vegetarian alternatives. Tofu and Kyo-yasai are vegetarian specialties, and the region is abundant with vegetable fields. The monks’ supper, known as Shojin ryori, is a gastronomic highlight of every visit to the old city. Biotech, a hole-in-the-wall in the city’s center that serves a completely vegetarian menu for local mindful eaters, is a good place to go for a more contemporary take on vegetarian cuisine. This is a supper to remember, using ingredients obtained locally and organically.


Ubud is vegan-friendly, with thirteen 100% vegan eateries and a center for visitors and digital nomads. You’ll find plenty of tropical fruit, as well as a range of vegan-friendly eateries and the Bali Vegan Festival since it’s in the tropical paradise of Bali. The vegetarian eating scene in Bali will appeal to Eat, Pray, Love fans. Restaurants are springing up to cater to the preferences of yogis and spiritual seekers looking for their joy.

Try Divine Earth’s raw vegan tacos with fermented tofu cheese, Earth Cafe and Market’s vegan crepe, or Alchemy’s build-your-own-smoothie-bowl option. Ubud, in particular, boasts a variety of vegetarian alternatives. Fivelements’ Sakti Dining Room, a bamboo-made restaurant within one of Bali’s most delightful healing resorts, is a must-visit. You can enjoy the breathtaking vistas while dining on delicious vegan meals with its open-air approach. Try the 5-Course Gourmet Chef’s Tasting to get a sense of the kitchen’s capabilities.

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