7 Easy Steps To Distress Your Jeans For Custom Look

Distress Your Jeans

Distressed jeans are always in style because they have a vintage look and are easy to wear. Plus, they’re easy and fun to make your fashion.

Distressed jeans are a type of jeans that have been worn down

Distressed jeans are made or styled to look more vintage, relaxed, and worn-in. A pair of pants that have been sported may have rips, tears, fraying edges, or faded indigo dye. In the end, your pair of jeans will have a more lived-in look and feel, making them look like stylish old jeans. You can find distressed jeans at thrift stores and high-end stores, or you can make your own. You can also find distressed jeans at home.

What’s the Difference Between Ripped and Distressed Jeans?

Distressed jeans are also called ripped jeans, but there are a few important differences:

The place where you wear it

Distressed jeans have holes and rips that look like normal wear and tear around the knees or ankles. Ripped jeans can have holes and rip anywhere on the pant leg.

As much wear as possible

A pair of jeans that have been modeled and ripped can have holes and cuts in them. The difference is how big the tears are. Ripped jeans usually have big holes in them. On the other hand, Distressed jeans are more subtle and look like they have been worn and used.


The thread color is also important when a clothing company makes distressed denim. The threads will fade from indigo blue to pale blue or white to give the jeans a more worn look.

5 things you need to make jeans look worn

When you want to give your denim jeans a vintage, worn look, you only need a few things you already have at home.

Tailor’s chalk

Tailor’s chalk is what you’ll need to mark where you want to make your cuts, so get some. Chalk makes clear marks and is easy to remove in the wash. White chalk works great on black jeans.

A cutting tool

When you cut your jeans, use scissors, a kitchen knife, or a box cutter to make the cuts that you need to make. You can use a razor, or even a cheese grater, to make small cuts in your jeans to give them a worn look. You can do this with pockets or other parts of your jeans. Use sandpaper to get rid of any loose threads. You can also cut the threads with scissors to make them smooth.

Thin cardboard

Slide a piece of cardboard into your pants so you can cut. Make sure your jeans stay together with cardboard.


It’s easy to make your jeans look worn and simple by cutting off the threads with tweezers or by cutting them with a seam ripper. There are many tools you can use to pick at and remove threads on the inside of your jeans. If you don’t have seam rippers, you can use safety pins, which are very easy to find and use.


Distressing your jeans isn’t done yet. Sand down the new cuts you made on your jeans with sandpaper with a higher grit. A sanding process will give the jeans a clean look and look worn.

7 Steps to Make Jeans Rusty

Newbies can follow these steps to make their distressed jeans:

Choose the jeans that you want

In general, jeans that are tighter or that are newer work best for getting rid of stains. However, you can make any pair of straight-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, or other types of jeans look worn.

Mark where you cut

It’s important to keep track of the places where you’ve cut yourself, so use chalk to mark them (such as at the knees and upper thigh). Draw horizontal lines of different lengths at these places, but keep them to about eight marks. If too many cuts are too big, they will look fake and forced.

Prepare your work area

A cutting board is ideal for this. Slip a piece of card up the pant legs and put it where you’re going to cut. Make sure the incisions don’t go all the way through your jeans.

Make the cuts

Use a knife or pair of scissors to cut into your jeans, but don’t cut past the chalk lines.

Pull the threads

Turn the inside of your jeans out. It helps to use a pair of tweezers to pull the white threads that run parallel to the ground in your jeans apart. This means that if you pull these threads, some black or blue linear threads will flare out. You can cut those with your scissors. Cut until the hole is as big or small as you want.

  • When you make holes and cuts, sand them down with sandpaper.
  • Use 60-grit sandpaper to sand over the holes you made. This will make the edges look nice and smooth. Sand until you like how your pants look.
  • It would help if you washed your new pair of jeans that have been worn down.
  • Awash and dry will remove any fuzz, clean them, and make them ready to wear.

Distressed jeans: How to wear them in the right way

Adding paint splatters to your jeans after they have been distressed is a good way to make them more unique. A brush should spray small dots of white paint on the thighs and legs. To keep the paint from running through, put cardboard under each hole. Then let the pants dry for a whole day before you wash them. Distressed jeans can be worn with a crisp white T-shirt for a casual look or a colorful graphic T-shirt for a more fun look. Putting on a leather or denim jacket will add a little extra flair.

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